FREE Private Podcast Series

Toning with The Earth’s Grids

During this podcast series we’ll discuss:

— 1 —

Why Toning?

Learn why using your voice to work with the Earth’s energetic grids is incredibly healing for the Earth and for us

— 2 —

How to Find Your Unique Tone

That’s already within you to work with the Earth in this way

(no special singing voice required!)

— 3 —

Working with the Frequency of Divine Love

To remove distortions, raise lower vibrations and override anything that doesn’t vibrate with that frequency


And then we will work together to tone with the grids around the world!

Have you ever noticed specific areas in your town or city where the energy never feels quite right?

Maybe there’s a place where you get an uneasy feeling when you visit or the vibe just

You want to help, but you’re not really sure what you can do. Or you’re not sure how to do it and definitely don’t want to do the wrong thing.

So much trauma has occurred on this Earth plane for so many years that it’s nearly impossible to heal one issue at a time. It’s much more powerful to tap into the electromagnetic energy within the Earth to raise the frequency of large areas of land all at once.

Join me for this podcast series where we will cultivate our collective power to channel the frequency of Divine Love into the Earth, magnifying our work by coming together as a group!

Join us if...

  • You feel called to send healing energy to the Earth

  • You’re interested in learning more about the Earth’s grids or doing grid work

  • You’d like to explore a new technique for doing energy work with the land

A Personal Invitation From Amy

My guides began showing me how to work with the Earth’s grids five years ago - at least in this lifetime!

As the ascension process has continued for both Earth and all of humanity, the grids have been changing too. It’s time to remove the old memories, templates and symbols and fill the Earth with the frequency of LOVE. What we send out returns to us, amplified, so we all benefit from this work!

This podcast series pulls together not just what I’ve learned about working with the grids over the past five years, but specifically what I’ve been learning about toning with them since late last year. When we create sound with our voices a portal opens to allow perfect balance and alignment to return.

Will you join me to learn this simple but powerful technique that you can use anytime to share love with the crystals, trees, plants, animals, humans and the entire planet?

I can’t wait to see the magic that’s created when we bring our voices together in partnership with the Earth!

See you there!